Varnish Tech Talk – updated

A big “howdy” from us Qruizers at Qruize Labs!

As you can probably imagine, we relish dabbling around with emerging technologies, researching and experimenting on them. Naturally, this culminates in the creation of meaningful & actionable knowledge and we love sharing the same with you in a series of white papers called Qruize Tech-Talks.

The all new ‘Art of Varnish Implementation’

If you remember right, our first Tech-Talk, The Art of VARNISH Implementation discussed in detail on how to implement Varnish, the HTTP accelerator. This white paper received overwhelming response from the readers and we are really glad that you found it interesting & useful. We also took all your feedback & suggestions into consideration and have updated the white paper with more value. The latest version, The Art of VARNISH Implementation V2.0 is ready for download and you can pick up your copy from our web site,

More white papers, blogs to follow:

We’ve been working on some interesting stuff lately. We have planned to write blog posts and more white papers about a few of those. You can expect the following from us in the near future:

  • Amazon AppStream – The new AWS service that lets us deploy and stream applications from the cloud.
  • Raspberry Pi based automation
  • OpenStack cloud framework

As always, feedback / comments are welcome. Mail us at


Qruize Team.


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