Qruize Magic 2.0 – Find it on the Play Store!

For quite some time now, everyone’s been talking about the potential of QR codes. They’re regarded as the Internet equivalent of barcodes, bridging the offline to online gap faster than a URL.

In June 2011 alone, 14 million mobile users in the USA scanned a QR code on their mobile device, according to a study by comScore. According to a survey by marketing communications agency MGH, QR codes are quietly revolutionizing mobile marketing by effectively integrating with existing media and marketing campaigns. If you’ve already integrated a QR code strategy into your advertising campaign, you’ve done well: customers are interested in interacting with QR code advertising that promises deals, coupons, and sweepstakes and social media interaction.

Concept/Idea: While mobile marketing and advertising may directly benefit from the versatility of these QR codes, simply put, QR codes are essentially a tool for automating information access. So, with this idea, Qruize Technologies decided to shake things up and rethink how and where QR codes can be put to good use. The basic premise is to offer a flexible and versatile tool to enable automated form filling.

With any QR code reader app on a smartphone, users can make a phone call, send an email or SMS, find directions on a map, set events and alarms on the calendar, create a new contact, link to websites, and so on. This inexpensive and effective bridge between the physical and virtual worlds simplifies things to a large extent. But, there are some challenges when it comes to porting information from a QR code to process it.

We worked around this by introducing a WebSocket layer that helps invoke any barcode data, including 1D, 2D as well as QR code data to a webpage. The Qruize Magic app developed for the Android ecosystem scans a QR code and “sends/shares” the information to a webpage. This has profound implications for automated form filling and enables HTML5/hybrid apps.



 How is this revolutionary? For starters, it does away with the handheld barcode scanners and puts the power inside the ubiquitous smartphone of today. In addition, any kind of information can be pushed to a webpage for further processing.


Case In Point:

The product idea sprung out of the need to invoke QR code data on a webpage for further processing at a visa and passport application processing service provider. Once an applicant completes a VISA application form online, they can invariably print it and sign it for authentication and return it to the processing center. With a QR code that captures the information printed along with the document, the application processing office merely has to scan the code with a simple smart phone camera and have Qruize Magic magically invoke all this information to a web app. While automating the entire process at the processing services’ firm, the error-proofing, time and cost benefits become apparent here.

The concept could be extended to apply at warehouses to bring up record ID of SKUs and further process records. Another interesting and useful application could be purchase order (PO) automation. Once the order info is filled in and converted into a QR code, Qruize Magic can aptly invoke the information to a web server for processing.

You’d have guessed by not that virtually any database lookup using pre-defined criteria can be configured to populate a web form using Qruize Magic. For instance, registering event attendees by scanning a QR code is another crucial application we thought of. This light weight, absolutely free and simple solution with significant advantages over the status quo could prove to have considerable market potential when it comes to automating form filling and processing.


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