National Cyber Safety and Security Standards Summit Overview

Earlier in September Qruize’s Pramod presented at the National Cyber Safety and Security Standards Summit at Coimbatore, India.



Established primarily with a vision to safeguard the nation from the current threats in cyber space, the National Cyber Safety & Security Standards is thinking about possible solutions and establishing norms against cyber crimes.

At the 2014 Summit, a few crucial ideas were delved and discussed upon:

  1. With the usage of internet becoming wide spread, cyber crimes are also on the rise.
  2. Most common reason for these crimes are the human element, which could be greed, carelessness or sheer innocence.
  3. Crimes are being committed in banks, especially wrt credit card details and on social media.
  4. Crimes against women are on the rise on social media sites due to various reasons including indiscriminate postings of pictures and status updates.
  5. Almost always, hackers are able to break through because of the failure to change default login and passwords.
  6. Other times the use of Phishing / spear phishing or social engineering techniques are being used.
  7. Sometimes zero day defects are exploited by high tech crackers.
  8. With the advent of IoT, security now shifts to a higher level, as a weak smart device can blow a hole in the entire network. E.g. Target – was hacked because of a weak smart device on the same network as that of the servers.
  9. Basic precautions like a strong password, a well known anti virus, sensible postings on social media, selective accepting of friend requests and avoiding clicking on unknown links can go a long way in securing networks.
  10. For corporate, regular security audits and business continuity plans are a must, to ensure there is no break down in business in case of a hack.
  11. Importance of multi-factor authentication

Here’s a link to Pramod’s presentation at the Summit:

As you can see, there was quite a crowd which is reassuring in the light of importance of security when it comes to the internet of things!



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