Arduino-Based Remote-Controlled Car

Here’s a thought:

Embedded systems + the Internet = Internet of Things (IoT).

While building cyber-physical things seems to be the next step of evolution for IoT, driverless cars and vehicle to pedestrian communications are still some years away. For the next five years, the supply chain is IoT’s sweet spot. Connected factories with effective production environments will help streamline processes. Amazon’s Kiva robots employed for order fulfilment are a testament to this. In the long term, the melding together of robotics and IoT will yield advanced and unprecedented functionality – driving assistance for the visually impaired, emergency, real-time assistance for humans, repetitive manual labor in controlled conditions and so on.

Qruize featured in NCDRC’s National Cyber Safety and Security Standards Summit last year and made a remote-controlled car to showcase our embedded computing and communications prowess. The general idea was to build a remote controlled four-wheeler, controlled either through IR or Bluetooth via mobile app. Through controlled and intelligent movements and a camera with lights to provide agility even in the dark, the remote controlled car can detect obstacles and prevent from crashing into obstructions.


Qruize’s Approach:

The car is powered by DC motors driven by a mounted batter and controlled by am Arduino board. Anti-tumbling wheels ensure steady mobility. Left, right, forward and backward motion is controlled by IR remote / mobile blue tooth. For IR control, the remote buttons of IR pre-configured into the microcontroller. The robot detects obstacles with the help of a mounted ultrasonic sensor and detects darkness through a mounted LDR sensor. Motor movement control was achieved using a full bridge motor driver mounted chip.

It was quite a challenge for us to get this in shape, take a look for yourself!


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