Three years in style..

The idea for Qruize was born intuitively, when our co-founders identified the need for a research-oriented approach to software engineering and new age technology adoption. In the span of our eventful journey, this core idea, seeded into our ethos, has germinated, and has branched into new business lines and product launches.

So, on the 3rd of July all of us – Qruizers, our families, clients and partners huddled together to celebrate our 3 years of incorporation. We have been able to create a mark and a name for ourselves in such a short span of time and we thank our well-wishers, clients and investors for making this a reality.

The event- held at the Madras race club had around 120 people who spent the evening with us. The event started off with a lamp lighting ceremony followed by Selva, one of the principal founder’s,  welcome address.

We then had Ezhil, our CEO tell us in a brief but concise way what Qruize is all about akin to a consultant in the technology space. He broadly also touched upon the future roadmap of the company as well.

With that it was time for celebrations. A huge cake was cut with “Qruize 3 years” written on top and was distributed to all.

Click on the picture to zoom

Click on the picture to zoom

A special musical program was done by Mr. John Vijay John – Manager of Marketing and Communications. He enthralled the audience with 2 songs. Both songs were well received by the audience. There was a special section for the kids who were busy and happy with as their favourite characters came to life on their hands and face. There was also a special trampoline erected outside the hall for the energetic souls as well.

As a token of appreciation to long standing employees, gifts were given for people who completed 2 and 3 years of service with the company. Mr. Sabapathy – consultant for Qruize did the honours of introducing the candidates for the gifts. We hope many more will follow in the years to come.

Most importantly, we launched QruizeInfra, an amalgamation of cloud implementation services, cloud optimization, managed services and desktop virtualization. Simply put, a customer can completely rely on QruizeInfra to design and implement cloud architecture and gain visibility of their IT infrastructure as a whole. This transparency can reduce the time they spend on IT infrastructure management. The brand new website is up and running – you can take a look at it to gather deeper insight on our offerings.

We’d like to think that Qruize has made a significant dent in the cloud space in India and we’re poised for the long road ahead. We cherish the good thinking, and the energy generated by our employees’, clients’ and partners’ enthusiasm. To put it simply, we aren’t here to look backward but very much to look forward.


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