Fodder for Friday


We only have a few weeks left until we welcome 2016, so with everyone already sitting back to enjoy the holidays, we thought we’d make it easier for the tech community to keep up with what’s important and happening by feeding them a little fodder every week.

These articles have been hand picked and contain a small gist revealing a glimpse of what the story is largely about. Well, yes, you can thank us generously – we always welcome chocolates, pies, cakes.. well you get the point!

So here goes:

Best Practices for Usability Testing (bitovi)

These practical, useful tips to weave usability testing within the design process should help agile teams build it and ship it, all while getting users to test it as well.

Stories of SaaS Success 

4 SaaS companies. 4 different people. 4 different approaches. Yet, 4 acts of brilliant successes.

Buffer is Perplexed with Social Media

This one’s ironical. After an honest admission of confusion as to why their social media sharing is declining, Buffer’s founder Kevan Lee got 390 comments and over 2000 shares for his article.

Key Lessons from Volkswagen

The VW issue has clearly pointed out the false sense of security under which we have been operating for a while when it comes to the networks, hardware and software that we rely on for IoT. Read on…


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