Qruize Magic in a flash

Cognitive solutions for accurate and fast data management, points out Sandeep Kumar in this blog on the latest innovation of Qruize. 

Are you part of domains like Mortgage, Medical Insurance Claims, Insurance claims, Real Estate or any other domain where form filling is a key requirement, then it might be of interest to you to read further. Tired of filling repetitive forms in multiple platforms or third party web sites? Have you heard of Autofill or Auto Complete in Web Applications? Do you remember while filing a form, web browser providing suggestions to fill the data from earlier saved data? Qruize Magic is a solution that was developed to provide a cognitive automated manner in which one can handle tedious and repetitive data entry and management with high speed and accuracy.

Qruize Magic fills any kind of forms with in few seconds to a minute, which typically might take an hour or more to fill manually. During its trial with a client it demonstrated the ability to fill thirty forms for the same duration taken to fill single form manually during a critical online form filing process.  Ideally it is estimated that Qruize Magic would be able to save 50-80 % of resource time and related costs along with reducing manual errors.

Document uploading is also taken care of as part of the form filling process. Aside from filling registration forms, logins, and applications forms, it can upload files in formats such as jpg, png, jpeg doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx etc.  .  It can also download automatically any kind of letters, application or check list, among others as per the process and saves the same at a preferred storage location or can be forwarded to a given email id as well.

If this was the only ability then Qruize Magic would have a narrow scope but in this case the suite include two assisting software tools – Web Notifier and Dynamic Form Generation. The Website Notifier, monitors the autofill websites for any kind of changes in the web page content or process. It will then notify the changes via email.  As per the business process any changes might need update to process or content or logic with or without approval and will be addressed by Qruize Magic accordingly. The Dynamic Form Generation tool will include the changes to be made in order to collect updated data to be filled for further use.

The next step in the Qruize Magic suite is using OCR to recognizing data content from filled forms, scanned documents and images, to be further used to fill forms using the retrieved data.


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