Qruize Magic at Work

Qruize Magic is cognitive automation tool that is assisting firms in content management. Shankar Kaliaperumal discusses a case study of how Qruize Magic is improving work efficiency for a client.

Business Challenge

A Middle East Visa Processing company is required to fill online visa forms for customers in various consulate website. Every site has its own requirement of information and documents to be uploaded. Also the information is sensitive. The client has to be extra cautious about errors and should have an error rate of 0%. The client collects the customer data into their system. Client’s customer service agents then manually fill the forms in respective visa sites that would take hours to fill, verify, upload documents and cross verify before finally submitting the forms for processing. Also visa websites constantly have changes in information and this requires a retraining of employees who are handling the information upload process. This can be time consuming and cumbersome. The end customers will be inconvenienced if they are constantly going back and forth providing information because of changes and this will damage the market reputation of the company.

Transformational Tool

Qruize Magic is a Robotic Process Automation Framework, which can fill forms with in few seconds to a minute that typically might take an hour or more to fill manually. Qruize Magic is used to reduce the time taken for completion of the form as well as removing any manual error while filling the forms in visa sites. Qruize Magic takes the Client data from their system and fills the forms automatically in the corresponding visa sites. It also provides notification when there are changes to potential data entry or field values of the visa site. It also has automated both file attachment and downloads the information without any manual intervention.



Accelerated Performance


Client was able to complete the job within a few minutes which normally would have taken him a whole day. Client has saved 80% resource time.

Managed Costs


Reduced errors and efficient use of man power has helped the clients lower expenses


Market Reputation


The client’s market reputation has improved both from end customers and lending firms as he is able to provide accurate data which results in quick processing.

On an average Qruize Magic was able to fill ten forms for the same duration taken to fill single form manually.

How it works?

Qruize Magic is used as a Windows application. Once the application is installed into the system, it creates desktop shortcut for the Application. After Application is launched it opens the chrome window with the application page where the request id of the Client have to be manually filled in order to trigger the Form Automation. Qruize Magic gets the Client data from their Data Base through the API by passing the request ID and then opens the corresponding lender sites to fill the forms automatically.

To know how Qruize Magic can help your organisation visit http://www.qruize.com


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